About: A Quintastic Perspective

A Quintastic Perspective - The Journey to 50 and Beyond

I have been a writer all my life. Mostly for my eyes only, but I occasionally shared a poem or two. In September of 2015 I turned 50. That was when the idea for this site was born. I created this space to share information with other people aged 50 and beyond, to document my own journey beyond 50, and to show that 50 is just a number – a number that scares many people as they approach it. I am here to show you that you too can be quintastic! That 50 is a fantastic age to be in today’s society. And that the journey is not as scary as it seems.

Welcome to A Quintastic Perspective. Pull up a chair, relax, and get ready to share this adventure with me as we discover what life has in store after 50.


Quintastic defined:

a person who is aged fifty or more and is still attractive and successful, 50 and fantastic!


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