The Month Long Road Trip

When I first found out that I was losing my job; the job I’ve had for ten years; the job I was only going to “stay at until I found something better”; the job I kind of actually like and get paid well to do, I decided that it might be a good time to do the things I always really wanted to do. Continue reading “The Month Long Road Trip”

The Day Job is Ending

It’s been almost a month since my employer announced we would be closing our warehouse and letting all of us go by early 2017. As a woman approaching 50 this was pretty devastating news. My mind instantly raced to thoughts and worries of “How will I pay my rent? What about my car payments? Who will hire someone my age?” But over the last month my thoughts have turned to sentiments of “What is it I REALLY WANT to do? When was I ever going to get around to actually doing those things? And Why not now?” Continue reading “The Day Job is Ending”