Life After Work

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what I am going to do when my employer shuts our warehouse. When I first heard the announcement, I thought about going back to college full time and finishing a degree. But honestly, the more I thought about that, the more I saw how that might be a bit of a waste of time and money for me. How many young people are graduating these days with multiple degrees and are still working somewhere as a stock person or entry level clerk? I need to do something different. I don’t have the same luxury of time that a young graduate might have. As someone who will soon be over the age of 50, I have to be much more creative in finding ways to earn money. It was precisely this line of thinking that led me to blogging in the first place. I love to write and always dreamed of using my talent as a writer to earn an income. I have been working my behind off for years without taking time to do anything adventurous. It is time that all changed! It is time to take risks and do things I want to do.

Join me as I accomplish goals and go on adventures. What do you want in your life after work?

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