My Wardrobe Malfunction

Have you ever had one of those embarrassing moments when your clothes are ripped and you had no idea? That is what just happened to me last night. That wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the hundred or so men that work with me. Some nights I don’t have to work on the warehouse floor at all but last night I was covering an absence of one of my clerks and therefore the majority of the night I was required to do investigations. So there I was, out on the floor, walking around with my ass pretty much hanging out. And I had no idea! Until one of my clerks pointed it out to me in the office lunchroom. I was so embarrassed! I don’t know how many people got to see my comfy pink underwear (thank God they were not torn!) but clearly everyone in our small lunchroom had. So chances are that many of the men on the floor had as well.

Problem #1 – I still had another 5 hours of working because going home to change was out of the question. Not really a problem since my jacket which I could wear during investigations was long enough to cover it. Now that I was aware of the tear, I was more conscious about covering it up.

Problem #2 – I was not going home immediately after work because I had an appointment in a town south of where I work and I live north of work. So I had to go clothes shopping for some new jeans on the way.

Problem #3 – I didn’t really have money to be spending on myself two weeks before Christmas, but what else could I really do? I needed new jeans.

So off I went after work …to the shopping centre…on a Saturday morning…less than two weeks before Christmas. Oh joy oh bliss! Did I mention that I absolutely hate shopping? Mostly because I don’t like the crowds, but also because it is really difficult to find clothes that fit me right and I hate having to try on everything to see how it looks on my oversized self. Well today that store wasn’t very crowded at all (maybe other people are having a difficult time getting into the spirit too? It has been unseasonably warm where I live), but I did have to try on several items before finding pants that fit right. And I just couldn’t help myself when I saw the two sweaters and the long sleeved t-shirt on the racks. I tried those on too – along with several others that didn’t fit right and were left on the put back rack at the ladies wear department.

Of course, once I found items that fit, I had to make the purchase! I have zero self control when it comes to purchasing things that actually fit nice and I like. And here in lies another problem. The spending money on myself today. When I couldn’t really afford it. Less than two weeks before Christmas. I guess it’s a really good thing that I worked overtime lately and will have that money in my bank account before the rent is due. On the upside, I really was due for a wardrobe addition/update and the pieces I purchased can be used interchangeably with a number of other pieces in my wardrobe which makes them all very versatile!

I think it’s time to create a wardrobe plan for myself. I’ve been seeing a lot of talk on social media about wardrobe capsules so it might also be time to do a little closet culling. I have numerous items in my closet that no longer fit, or are just not my style anymore. This is a perfect time to make donations to the local charities. Most of my clothes are still in great shape (except for my favourite jeans which now have the ass out of them). As I begin to cull, organize and replace items in my closet, I will share the results here.

How do you plan for wardrobe building? Do you replace your wardrobe every season? Or do you add to it when the ass falls out of your pants :)? Please share how you keep your wardrobe current while keeping to your budget.

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2 thoughts on “My Wardrobe Malfunction

  1. As you know me well enough i am a big lover of clothes, shoes and purses but i never really splurged on them because other life choices got in the way :).
    I shop mostly at Talize and Value Village for good clothes in good shape and as current and trendy as possible. I am trying to get full outfits when i shop or at least while in the store try to mix and match and coordinate right there.
    Then accesorizing a simple outfit its the actual secret for me at least, so earings, belts and necklaces are a must for me. Hence me becoming a Stella & Dot stylist and have it all at very affordable prices…..again :).

    1. That’s a great way to do it Monica. Mostly I have been purchasing individual pieces to try and fit them into outfits I already have in my closet. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I need to try your method of thinking the entire outfit at time of purchase. And I love your idea of accessorizing to create different looks.

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