The Month Long Road Trip

When I first found out that I was losing my job; the job I’ve had for ten years; the job I was only going to “stay at until I found something better”; the job I kind of actually like and get paid well to do, I decided that it might be a good time to do the things I always really wanted to do.

I have spent most of my life working away with no real ability to do what it is I would really rather be doing. Turning 50 along with the announcement that my employment would be ending got me to thinking about exactly that. What are the things I have always wanted to do but could never really take the time to enjoy because I had to work? I could never really take much time off because I depend on the income from my employment but this restructuring and job loss might just be the thing that allows me to do some of those things. For one, I have over a year of lead time so I have some ability to plan ahead and save up. Secondly, I’m also getting a salary/benefit continuance at the end as part of a severance package which will provide an income to cover the usual household expenses.

I have always wanted to go on a road trip. A month long road trip.  Alone…or maybe with the Dude. But with no actual set destination, just a list of attractions/places I want to see as I criss-cross the continent. I want to pack up the car with a bunch of clothes, the laptop, the camera and some money and take off.  And when this year of working is complete, I plan to do just that. Head south until I find a temperature I like and just explore. I’ve told everyone that regardless of the time of year, I am going! I don’t care if anyone comes with me because I am going and I have no problem with going alone. I am trying to fulfill a dream that I have carried around for a long time. A dream of freedom to do whatever I wanted. And this trip will give me exactly the feeling I am looking for. I can worry about finding a job when I come back. I can turn this trip into something worth writing about while I try my hand at travel writing.  Anything can happen when you feel freedom!

Have you ever gone off on a long road trip? Tell us about the adventures you’ve had or unique little known places you’ve visited. Everyone has a story of some little hide away they found while travelling and we want to hear yours.

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